Sometimes we could all do with a wee bit of extra motivation and these challenges are designed to give you just that! If you're brand new to Barre, there's a full 4 week challenge for beginners to get you feeling strong. If you're in need of a quick routine reboot then the 7 day series is a good option and if you're looking for a full month of tough but achievable challenges then go for the full 28 day programme. If you're looking to work on your flexibility then The Stretch Project is perfect for you.


This 10 day challenge is for you if you're either already familiar with Barre or have a good general level of fitness. We'll progress you through the foundations of Barre up to an intermediate level across the 10 days, working through different sequences that will challenge your strength, endurance, balance and stability. This is a great challenge to kickstart your routine and give you a structured training programme.


The 4 week beginners programme is designed for any Barre newbies amongst you or anyone who’d like to take things back to basics. There will be a real focus on technique throughout the 4 weeks which should help you to get to grips with the fundamental starting positions of each of the classes. The programme is designed to take you from being able to complete 3 beginner classes a week up to completing 4 full classes a week. You’ll find you quickly progress through this programme and you’ll be feeling really strong, with better posture and improved flexibility and range of movement by the time you complete it.


28 days of Barre classes to get you feeling stronger with better posture, improved flexibility and range of movement, as well as feeling calmer, more confident and really chuffed with yourself! Stretch sequences and shorter classes are incorporated throughout to give you some more restful days, but be aware of how your body is feeling and add in full rest days as and when you need to.


7 days of shorter workouts (around 20-40 minutes each) that will help kickstart your routine and challenge both your mind and body! There are some toughies in here but it’s nothing you guys can’t handle!


The Stretch Project is a 4-week flexibility-focused programme that will give you stretching guidance to get you closer to your splits. Each week is made up of a range of 10-15 minute stretch sequences plus 30 minute sequences that will put all your flexibility work into practice at the end of each week. Each session is designed to follow a gentle walk / run / workout so please make sure you're always warmed up before getting started.


Our most jam-packed challenge to date, this short video takes you through an introduction to the 'Back to the Barre' challenge. With up to 9 live classes each week, this is the perfect workout programme to build into the busiest of schedules with the aim of completing at least 3 sessions a week.