The Barre Coach method is a hybrid of the original foundations of Barre training which has its roots in ballet and injury rehabilitation, with more traditional strength training, HIIT, Pilates and elements of yoga. You can expect some classic ballet moves mixed with more traditional strength and body weight training moves such as lunges, squats and press ups. This approach means we're not only working on improving muscular endurance, flexibility and mental focus but also building strength, improving balance and coordination. 


The monthly subscription gives you unlimited access to all on demand content as well as one complimentary 30 minute private class and up to 6 live classes every week. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the live class schedule. As soon as you've signed up I'll pop over a link so you can book into the live classes.



Getting to grips with the right technique and alignment is really important in your journey to getting stronger in your Barre classes. Once you've got this nailed you'll find you feel really in control of all the movements and can start to safely progress with your workouts, getting stronger each week! This series is full of short videos to give a thorough explanation of each of our key positions and movements.


These classes are generally around 20-30 minutes and are totally loved by our members. They're the perfect option for a busy day when you're desperate to squeeze a quick workout in. There's a range of full body classes as well as targeted muscle group workouts and lots of lovely stretch sessions if you're in need of some gentle movement.


These classes are focused on coming back to basics and getting you to the point of feeling really confident with the key positions and movements that make up a Barre class. The pace is slightly slower than some of our other classes and you'll find the sequences are a little shorter. If you're a Barre newbie then these classes are a great starting point for you.


If you're going to rise, you may as well shine! For those looking to squeeze a quick 'Barre burn' into a hectic schedule, this is a great choice for you.You can expect a fast and furious workout that will leave you full of endorphins to see you through the rest of the day. These shorter classes run on Friday mornings at 7.30am.


It's HIIT but not as you know it! This class is a Barre-inspired, low impact, interval training class that is loved by almost all of our members!

It will give you all the benefits of a HIIT class without the high impact movements that can often lead to injuries. This class is designed to raise your heart rate, improve overall fitness and make sure you're having a fun time while doing it!


A thorough 60 minute full body workout where every muscle group is worked from ALL angles. You'll find some of the sequences are a little longer in this class and we'll constantly be finding new ways to challenge ourselves. Barre 60 runs once a week and is always a toughie but you'll finish the class with a huge sense of achievement!


These classes are a glorious combination of Barre 45 followed by 15 minutes of relaxing and restorative stretching. I know I shouldn't have a favourite but honestly this one is it! You'll leave these classes feeling strengthened and lengthened in equal measure!